Blogs, Lessons, and a Cup of Coffee.

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I have a dozen link blogs on Blogger.  Link blogs are blogs where each entry is a link to other material.

I started the link blogs as a substitute for bookmarks / favorites.  Instead of setting an IE Favorite or a Firefox Bookmark, I used the “Blog This” button and created a blog post.  It gathered the links that I wanted to save in a convenient, searchable way.  Unlike using Favorites or Bookmarks, I was able to select a quote from the source or add a comment about the site that I was linking to.

I created a dozen link blogs on various topics that I was interested in, including Web Design, Web Based Learning, and Computer Support.  Every now and again, I would write a post myself.

The blogs are not popular, and do not get much traffic, but they started to get some spam comments.  I policed the comments, actually kept a few, and was delighted when Blogger added some sophistication to policing comments.

I added the code to display any links to my posts.

I considered adding a tag cloud feature, but it did not make that much sense in an organized link blog.

I could have used to save the links, and I do use to save links, creating the normal plethora of tags.  If the link is to be gathered into the dozen topics that I have selected, I use “Blog This” and add them to a link blog.  If the link is on another topic, I add it to  Sometimes it is a gray area, and I add it to both.

I tweaked the blogs, changed the templates, added Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate ads, added links to my website, and added links so that each blog linked to every other blog.  It could have helped my search engine results.  I made enough money to take a friend for a cup of coffee.

I added the Feeds, and then downloaded a Feed reader to read my feeds.  My reader would not read Atom feeds, so I signed up for FeedBurner to convert to RSS Feeds.  I added ads to my feeds. I changed to partial feeds, and then changed back to full feeds.  It did not make much different because the posts were so small.  Several people subscribed to the feeds.

Once I had a Feed Reader, I subscribed to lots of other feeds. I learned about OPML and used it to add groups of feeds.

The other day I used “Blog This” to add a blog post, but Google had marked one of my blogs as a possible Splog, a dreaded “Spam Blog”.  I had to request that a Google human look at the blog to evaluate it.  The Google human was very prompt and ruled that the blog was legitimate.

It is an ongoing object lesson on Blogging, blog comments, splogs, spam, track backs, blog templates, taxonomies, folksonomies, tagging, social tagging, tag clouds, search engine optimization, ads, affiliations, RSS, Atom, OPML, feeds, full and partial feeds, and aggregators.

I saved some links I wanted to remember, I learned a great deal, I had a nice cup of coffee with a friend, and I did not spend any money.

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