Blogging Considerations

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I have clients that do not have a blog. When they ask me about blogs, it usually becomes a most interesting conversation in a hurry.

When they ask how quickly they could set up a blog, I tell them on Blogger or WordPress they can set up a blog and have it working in less than 15 minutes. Then the conversation starts. There are so many things to consider after that.

  • Can a business just have a blog and not a website?
  • If you already have a website, should you add the blog to that domain? Or should you use a different domain?
  • How can you tailor the blog to look the way you want? What template should you use, and how can you tailor it to what you want or to look like their website? Can you add their logo and colors?
  • What about a blog roll? or other links? And what is a blog roll? what is Link Love?
  • What options do you have for archives?
  • What are the considerations for Search Engine Optimization?
  • How will a business know how many people are reading the blog?
  • Can people subscribe to the blog? with Email? with an RSS Reader? What is RSS? Is that the same thing as a feed? Full or partial feed?
  • What widgets or gadgets are available for their blog? and for that matter, what is a widget? What is a gadget?
  • Are there any vulnerabilities? Can my blog be hacked?
  • How do I manage comments? How do I deal with spam comments? What is a Troll?
  • What is a trackback? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
  • How often should they post? How long should a post be?
  • How will the search engines find my blog? Do I need to register them on Directories? and what is the Blogosphere? and is that important?
  • How about audio blogging? video blogging? podcasting? Moblog? Photoblog?
  • What is a blog carnival?
  • What are categories / keywords?

Each one of those considerations is a part of the conversation about blogs. Each one requires decisions. One way to make the decision is to take all the defaults, and let the blogging software make the decisions. That is certainly what many do.

It all goes back to the purpose of the blog. What is the business justification for the blog? If a business or individual can clearly define the purpose of the blog, then the decisions can usually be made in a straight forward way. To summarize:

  • It is very easy to get started with a blog, but the refinements require decisions and time.
  • The decisions about blogs require knowledge of the Internet, but they reflect the business purpose.

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