Eliot Spitzer and the Internet

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The Internet is such a part of our lives, that when a story like the Eliot Spitzer scandal breaks, the Internet parts of the story are just the normal background.

  • Of course Google news and other services had the stories.
  • Of course the bloggers wrote about the story. Podcasters talked about the story. Hundreds of videos were uploaded to YouTube.
  • The wikipedia entry for Eliot Spitzer was updated. An entry for the alleged prostitution ring named in the story, the Emperors Club VIP, is created.
  • The website of the escort service, The Emperors Club, is taken down. It is rescued from the Internet Archive WayBack Machine. Webmasters review the rescued website and find it is not very sophisticated, proving one again that a good product is better then good marketing.
  • Eliot Spitzer supposedly was called Client9. Someone immediately registered the client9 domain name and put it up for sale.  The speculation about Client1 through Client8 started.
  • The alleged prostitute is named Kristen. People searched the Internet looking for Kristen. Women named Kristen went on record as saying it was not them.
  • Fox News created a blog post where anyone could leave a comment for Eliot’s wife Silda. Most offered prayers and advice. A few men offered a chance for revenge.

In other words, business as usual on the Internet.

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