Jason Calacanis and the Affiliate Summit

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I had a chance today to listen to the recording of Jason Calacanis giving the keynote address at the Affiliate Summit. Then I read the blog posts from those that were there. Jason generated a lot of controversy. That is nothing new. I think there are times when the heat obscures the light Jason shines on a topic.

I pay attention to Jason Calacanis.

  • I read Jason’s blog.
  • When Jason was at AOL, Netscape was my homepage.
  • I listen to Jason when he is on TWIT.
  • I listen when Jason is on the Gillmor gang and the other gangs.
  • I follow Jason on Twitter.
  • I pay attention to Mahalo.
  • I listen online to his keynotes at various summits.

Understand that this is not an obsessive following, I just think he is right a good deal of the time. I lived in a major East Coast city before I moved to California, so his style is very familiar.

Here is my little secret. I take what I learn from Jason and use it in my business and with my clients. I have a much different style than Jason, so I am seen as insightful but not controversial. There is of course a downside also; I do not have nearly the publicity. But I am ok with that.

Thanks Jason.

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