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I use Outlook for Email.

I have been working to reduce Spam and undesired email.  The results are starting to show.

The Junk email folder is now full everyday.  I review it but I will not be doing that much longer.  I will change the rules to delete the spam without checking.  I am just using the Outlook processing for now, and it seems to be working ok.

I make a distinction between mail boxes and mail folders.

  • Mail folders is where I store email I want to save
  • Mail boxes is where I receive email.  Email is sorted into a dozen or so mail boxes.
  • Everything that does not get sorted into a mail box ends up in the Inbox.

When all works well, there are very few if any emails in my inbox.

If email shows up in my inbox, one of the following happens:

  • If it is spam, the keystrokes Alt-A-J-B send it to the junk email folder.
  • If it is mail that I expect to get more off, I create a rule and sort it into a mail box.
  • If it is a subscription, I cancel the subscription.  No email subscriptions; only RSS.
  • If it is a one-off email, I process it or store it in a mail folder.

My overall time on email is being greatly reduced.  I am trying to use that time looking at my RSS feeds without flying through them.  More considered reading.

I am enjoying both the process and the results.

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