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I continue to unsubscribe from all email newsletters and ezines. I want to move all subscriptions to RSS so that they are under my control.

The process has been most interesting.

I received this email:

If you are receiving this email, it means you are NOT signed up to receive our weekly … newsletter. Don’t miss an opportunity of wealth as we will make the website only available to subscribers soon. Subscription is free.

The spam was so blatant it took me a minute to understand.

I have also had to do this process a number of times.

  • An email newsletter arrives. One that I subscribed to some time ago.
  • I click the unsubscribe link in order to stop the newsletter.
  • I am taken to the website where I am asked to login, but I do not remember my password.
  • I follow the instructions to reset my password, which means I get another email.
  • I read the email, follow the instructions to retrieve my password, logon on and unsubscribe.
  • I receive an email notifying me that I changed my password.
  • I receive an email notifying me that I unsubscribed.

That totals 4 unwanted emails to stop the newsletter, but at least it worked.

I have also had this process.

  • I receive an email newsletter to a specific email account.
  • I follow the unsubscribe link to a website.
  • The website asks me to logon to change my subscription, but I do not remember my password.
  • I follow the link to retrieve my password, but the website says I do not have an account.

Here is another one. I received one today that said:

If you want to unsubscribe to this email, simply block the following email – xxx.domain.com

I want to block it before it gets to my computer of course.

I should have kept a log of my adventures, but I did not think it was going to be so interesting.

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