Blogging Organization

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Blogs and blog posts are organized serially by date, latest one first.  So how are blog posts organized.

Most blog services allow blog posts to be tagged or categorized.

Tagging is a way of organizing blog posts into topics.

There are two basic ways to organized webpages: Heirarchies and Tagging

Heirarchies are top down organizations of greater and greater detail.  Think of the folder or directory structures of most computers.

Tagging is more free form.  Each blog post can be assigned tags. 

  • A Blog post might be about the IRS, taxes, and personal finance.  Each one could be a tag.
  • Another post might be about personal finance and savings.
  • Blog Posts can be retrieved by tag. 
    • The personal finance tag would retrieve both posts.
    • The taxes tag would retrieve only the first post.

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