Open letter to Governor Sarah Palin

Filed under: Podcasts; Author: Les Bain; Posted: October 26, 2008 at 6:53 pm;

Dear Governor Sarah Palin,

I think you got a raw deal from the campaign of Senator John McCain.  I think you were over coached, and not allowed to be yourself.  That is unfortunate.

It appears now you are looking forward to 2012.  However, there are some things that I am very concerned about.

I am sure you have found the response to your nomination gratifying, but please consider.

  • You are talking to the Republican base, which is not a majority of Americans.  When you run again, you should consider changing your message to include more of the United States of American.
  • You say that Senator Obama is the most liberal Senator in the United States Senate as if that was a problem.  I am supporting Senator Obama because he is liberal.  To win, you will need to get votes from liberals, conservatives, and moderates.  Please see Reagan democrats.
  • You talk about being in the pro-American parts of the country.  You cannot divide the country and win.  You need the support of the entire country.
  • You allow those at your rallies to defame an honorable Senator of the United States of America.  You must unite to win, not divide.

I am a liberal, and will probably never support you, but I am also an American and wish to see our country united, not divided.

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