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I often help clients set up web hosting accounts.  I agree with the philosophy that you should have three different vendors for each of the following.

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Host
  • Web Master

I find all too often, having one vendor for all means one point of failure if a company goes out of business.

Web hosting companies often are most concerned about the typical web hosting stuff:

  • Size of storage and transfer
  • Availability of options like PHP and MySQL
  • Pricing

But I find that the thing clients are most concerned about is email.  Email is essential to most companies, and it is the email issues that are paramount.

  • What sort of Spam Filter does the web host provide? How effective is it?  Where is the spam email stored?
  • What web mail services are available, and how easy are they to access.
  • How easy is it to set up Outlook or Outlook express for an email account.

In many cases, email is a part of the myriad choices in the control panel, there are multiple spam filters available, and multiple web mail services.

I would encourage web hosts to have a special email button that is designed for clients with just a few options with suggested defaults for spam filters and web mail services.  It might be the only time that the client accesses the control panel.

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