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January 31, 2009

Flexibility and Complexity in Software Development

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Picture this:

A person wants to buy a car, so they go to a dealer that provides a way to order a car to specifications.

The person makes selections from a number of options

  • Car model
  • Car color
  • Specific Tires
  • Interior options
  • Sound system options
  • and many others

And gets a car delivered  to the specifications.  The person looks at the car and is pleased that it looks like everything is to specifications.

The person gets in the car and says

  • The steering wheel is too low.  Instructions are given to adjust the steering wheel.
  • The seat is too close.  Instructions are given to move the seat up and back.
  • The sound is too loud.  Instructions are given to adjust the sound system.

And then the person says

  • The roof is too low.  Please raise it up a couple of inches.
  • It is at this point that things fall apart.
  • Perhaps instructions are given to lower the seat to no avail.
  • Perhaps explanations are offered as to why roofs are not flexible.

The issue of course, is that certain assumptions are made about cars that are general knowledge.

  • We know we can add a steering wheel cover with little impact.
  • We know we can usually add a CD player with little impact.
  • We also know that if we want to ignition moved to the other side of the steering wheel because we are left handed, that is probably a major alteration.
  • We know that the roof of the car cannot be raised or lowered.

The same is not true for software.

When someone comes to a software developer, there is not a clear understanding of what features are easily modified or added, and which ones are not.

  • Those of us who have developed software know very well the experience of asking many questions about what the system requirements are, developing a sytem to those requirements, and then being asked why the system does not do a certain functionality that was never discussed.
  • If we are lucky, the functionality is as easy as adjusting the seats.
  • If we are not lucky, we have to argue why it is so hard to raise the roof a couple of inches.

January 3, 2009


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I am spending more time twittering than blogging these days.

  • On Twitter, the post size is 140 characters, so it is conducive to posting a quick thought.
  • Even though it is irregular, the Twitter responses are usually quicker than blog post comments.
  • Blogs are certainly conversations, but they are more deliberate.  Twitter is like chatting at a party where you drift in and out of conversations.
  • I use TweetDeck to access Twitter.
  • TweetDeck allows you to establish subsets of all the people that you follow.  I have subsets for friends and family and a subset I call Uptweet (upbeat) for people that post positive and joyous posts.  It provides lots of little inspirational thoughts during the day.