Flexibility and Complexity in Software Development – II

Filed under: Technology; Author: Les Bain; Posted: February 1, 2009 at 5:30 pm;

To deal with the issues of complexity and flexibility in software development, programmers and software developers have tried various techniques.

One technique is to try and make the software as flexible as possible.  It is hard to anticipate each and every requirement for the system, so the system is made as flexible as possible.

There are several methodologies.

  • One is make the system is “data driven”.  There is a database or data source that determines the behavior of the system.  To change the system, the data is changed.  We see examples of this when we provide information to a system like Header, Title, etc. that are then used throughout the system.
  • The other is to make the system code as easy to maintain as possible.  This has led to various techniques such as
    • Structured Programming
    • Object Programming
    • Reusable Code
    • Modular Programming

All these approaches are designed to make changing the system easier and quicker.

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