Mozy backups and external hard drives

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I use Mozy for my offline backups and I am very pleased with the service.  I moved to Mozy because my previous service did not support external hard drives.

I did run into a situation with my Mozy backups that should have been immediately obvious, but I did not catch it for a while.

The first backup you do with an offline service takes a good while.  I backup about 30G which is certainly not an exorbitant amount, and the first backup took 3 – 4 days elapsed time with the computer not running 24/7.

Each day the backups run anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour.  However, ever now and again the backups seemed to start over, and take  the entire 3 – 4 days again.  It happened again this week so I finally stopped to figure it out.

Every now and again I would start the computer without the external hard drive – which I do from time to time if all that I am going to do is use the Internet.  The problem happened when the automatic backups started during the time the external hard drive was off.  Mozy did the little bit of backups from drive C: and then assumed 29G was deleted, and deleted it from my backups.

The next backup had to start over.  Once I figured it out, it was easy enough to control, but it took me a couple minutes of thinking to figure out what was happening.

A quick email to Mozy support (which is very responsive) confirmed my diagnosis.


  1. Comment by John Tucker

    That is a common problem with Mozy. If you reconnect the drive through and Mozy finds it I have found you don’t need to start all over again. Mozy will know that the files are on the server from a previous backup and just upload the new ones.

  2. Comment by Les Bain

    John, That was not my experience. I just went through the process of running the backups for 3.5 days while it backed up everything again. But all is well now.

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