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July 20, 2009

Order to Cash

Filed under: Business,Management — Les Bain @ 9:39 am

The basic business process is Order-to-Cash which includes:

  • Taking customer sales orders from all the various sales channels
  • Fulfilling the order for either products or services
  • Generating an invoice
  • Collecting revenue

If you are an entrepreneur,  you will receive lots of business advice about various processes, but your Order-to-Cash process should be the basic process.

Set up the process, monitor the process, and improve the process.

July 15, 2009

Google helps sell netbooks?

Filed under: Technology — Les Bain @ 10:09 am

Google is going to use a 15 year old operating system and a year old browser to build a free operating system for netbooks.

Why would Google do this? The speculation is most interesting.

  • It would provide a lower price point entry into the Internet.
  • It would therefore generate more Internet users.
  • It would therefore provide more opportunity to sell ads.

Google is in the advertising business.  That is how they make all their money.  The tech stuff is just a way to deliver the advertising.

I think it is great.  It provides a number of services for free if I can put up with ads – which I can.

I wonder, in the past, if anyone wanted to give away TVs so there were more viewers and more people to view ads.