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September 3, 2011

Business Coaching as Paid Nagging

Filed under: Management,Personal — Les Bain @ 10:40 am

There is a certain school of business coaching, where the process seems to be this.

The Interview: This is where the business coach asks the client about goals, intentions, mission and all the tasks and activities to reach those goals.

The Sell: This is where the business coach says to the client  that you can meet your goals by following a process, and my process says do these first set of tasks.

The Process: The business coach talks to the client on a regular basis and nags the client about completing tasks to meet the goals.  This is supposed to motivate the client to do the tasks so the client does not get nagged.

But I do not need the process because I have people that will nag me for free.  Please do not tell any of my free naggers that they should be charging me big bucks.