Doorstep Farmers

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Today is Blog Action Day.  The topic is Food.  I am going to dedicate my post to my friends at Doorstep Farmers who deliver organic food to homes and businesses in the San Francisco East Bay.

To quote from their website:

“Doorstep Farmers is a CSA (community supported agriculture) business that delivers produce to your door on a weekly basis. We deliver produce to you in one of four different size boxes (depending on your needs). The produce boxes contain the freshest, in season fruits and vegetables. Each box usually contains four different types of vegetables and two types of fruits depending on availability. The contents of each box will usually be listed a couple days before delivery so that you can opt to not have one type of produce delivered and an extra of another one. We then deliver the box of fruits and veg to your door for your enjoyment. All produce is locally grown and certified organic. 

Doorstep Farmers is a very simple idea. You decide what size box would be appropriate for your household. If you need help deciding what size would be best for your household you can take the quick four question questionnaire to help you decide on the most appropriate size for your household needs. You then can opt to pre-pay for your deliveries or you can opt for Electronic Fund Transfer which is automatically charged to your credit card every two deliveries. You will receive your produce weekly or bi-weekly depending on your needs.”

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