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September 30, 2012

Low Energy

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Some days are low energy days.  I am as productive as I can be with low energy.  They are good days to explore new ideas, to plan, to think, and to be grateful.

September 28, 2012

Blog Action Day

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I signed up for Blog Action Day.

“Founded in 2007, Blog Action Day brings together bloggers from different countries, interests and languages to blog about one important global topic on the same day. Past topics have included water, climate change, poverty and food with thousands of blogs, big and small, taking part.”

I have participated the last several years.

September 27, 2012

How Your Vibration Impacts Your Path

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A great post by Erin Pavlina.

How Your Vibration Impacts Your Path

Posted on September 27, 2012 by Erin Pavlina

What’s your dominant emotional state? Are you usually chipper, happy, and in a place of joy? Or are you depressed, sad, upset or anxious a lot?

“Your emotional state has a huge impact on your life path. Have you noticed that when you’re excited and happy you feel unstoppable? Things just fall into place. It’s like money drops from the sky. Relationships get better. Things start going better at work. You’re in the flow. Everything you think about manifests. Everything you want just drops right into your lap.
What’s happening is that your vibrational state is having a direct impact on your life path.
When you are happy and at a high vibration, you attract positive experiences. Life just gets better. You’re totally in the flow. Your boat is sailing along with the current and you don’t even have to paddle.”

Great post.

September 26, 2012

3D Printers

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My daughter gave me a good book to read called Makers by Cory Doctorow.  The people in the book worked with 3D printers, so I got interested in 3D printers.

It has been fascinating to read about them and to learn about them.  I am still looking for the “killer app” that will make them go mainstream.

September 24, 2012

Be Happy

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Some feel the sequence is Work > Become Successful > Be Happy

I am thinking the sequence is Be Happy > Work > Be Successful

Being happy means working smarter, being in the grove, working toward one’s passion.

September 14, 2012

Good Projects

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I am working on some good projects for clients that I like.  I am waking up full of ideas of what I can do next.  Sometimes I am even waking up and not being able to go back to sleep.  Typically,  I just get up and start to work.  Feels good.

September 12, 2012


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Read an interesting article about Sherpas in the Mount Everest area.

Because of global warning, mountain lakes are bursting, overflowing,  and causing damage and death.  The Sherpas are upset at all the warnings.

“Instead of having to fear death like that again and again, we would rather die once if the lake really bursts out one day.”

I feel that way sometimes.  I would rather die once, then live in fear everyday.

September 8, 2012

Son’s Wedding

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My son got married today.  They were married on San Bruno Mountain State Park.  Then lunch was served in a fine restaurant in San Francisco.  It was a terrific day.

The food was gourmet.  The attitude was warm and loving.  The day was crisp and cold.  (I still got a sunburn)

I love my new daughter-in-law.  A very happy day.

September 6, 2012

Birthday Dinner with my Daughter

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I took my daughter out to dinner for her birthday.  We went to Red Lobster.  It was a favorite “birthday restaurant” when she was younger.  Dinner was delicious.  The staff sang Happy Birthday.  A good evening.

September 3, 2012

Spirit Rock – Jack Kornfield

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Jack Kornfield does a a class on Monday night.  It is now being live streamed.

I listened and watched tonight.  He is so calming.

Jack teaches meditation and mindful living.

The class is held at Spirit Rock.

September 2, 2012

Lunch with my daughter

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Yesterday was lunch with my daughter.  It is our weekly time together.  We run errands together, shop together, and have lunch.

  • We visited the new Whole Foods store in the neighborhood and both stocked up.
  • She got a bus pass for the month.
  • We got some things at the drug store.

Lunch was not elegant.  We stopped at McDonalds on the way home to get take out.  It was perfect.

September 1, 2012

Paying the Bills

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First of the month.  Checks start to arrive.  I bill many of my clients at the end of the month and then the checks arrive close to the first of the month.

The checks come.  They are quickly turned into cash and money orders that are sent to people that I owe money to.  The activity we call “paying the bills”.

Then we all start to automate the process, with automatic deposit and automatic bill pay.  The money moves around on its own.

It is all strangely satisfying.