Dead Man

Dead Man is a 1995 American Western film written and directed by Jim Jarmusch. It stars Johnny DeppGary FarmerBilly Bob ThorntonIggy PopCrispin GloverJohn HurtMichael WincottLance HenriksenGabriel ByrneMili Avital and Robert Mitchum. The film, dubbed a “Psychedelic Western” by its director, includes twisted and surreal elements of the Western genre. The film is shot entirely in monochrome.  Neil Young composed the guitar-dominated soundtrack with portions he improvised while watching the movie footage. It has been considered by many to be a premier postmodern Western.

  • This is a fascinating surreal movie. It is unlike any other Western I have even seen.
  • There are multiple references in the film to the poetry of William Blake.
  • Dead Man is generally regarded as being extremely well researched in regard to Native American culture.