Walking Thunder

Walking Thunder is a 1994 film starring James ReadJohn Denver and David Tom and Bart the Bear, written and directed by Craig Clyde. It relates the memoirs of a young boy Jacob McKay who travels with his family on a wagon on their way to California and become stranded in the Rockies. There they learn to survive, adapt to their surroundings and make the most of what they have with the help of a mountain man, an elderly Sioux medicine man and a legendary bear known by the Native Americans as Walking Thunder. The film won a Silver Award at the Worldfest Film Festival. It was released in 1995, but was not widely distributed until 1997.

  • This is a family fare movie with not much depth.
  • But it does deal with the topic Mountain Men. The young boy is fascinated with Mountain Men, they meet one, and he learns from the Mountain Man.
  • The Mountain Man and the boy visit a rendezvous together.