Man in the Wilderness

Man in the Wilderness is a 1971 American revisionist Western film about a scout for a group of mountain men who are traversing the Northwestern United States during the 1820s. The scout is mauled by a bear and left to die by his companions. He survives and recuperates sufficiently to track his former comrades, forcing a confrontation over his abandonment. The story is loosely based on the life of Hugh Glass. It stars Richard Harris as Zachary Bass and John Huston as Captain Henry.

The expedition in the movie is notable for bringing a large boat with it, borne on wheels.

  • Several movies were based on the life of Hugh Glass. The Revenant was also based on Hugh Glass.
  • This is a classic survival story.
  • This movie is included because it is about Mountain Men. The crew are trappers returning with beaver pelts in 1820.