Into the West 2 – Manifest Destiny

Into the West is a 2005 miniseries produced by Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks, with six two-hour episodes .

The miniseries begins in the 1820s and is told mainly through the third person narration of Jacob Wheeler (Matthew Settle) and Loved By the Buffalo (Joseph M. Marshall III), although episodes outside the direct observation of both protagonists are also shown. The plot follows the story of two families, one white American, one Native American, as their lives become mingled through the momentous events of American expansion. The story intertwines real and fictional characters and events spanning the period of expansion of the United States in the American West, from 1825 to 1890.

  • Part 2 of the miniseries continues the stories of the two families, one white and one Native American. Their lives cross in many ways as it tells the story of the settlement of the west.
  • Part 2 was particularly brutal, and the families experience death, captivity, cholera, war, loss, drunkenness, and injury.
  • It seems many of the issues for both families are caused by bad decisions. And the stage is set for more bad decisions and bad results.
  • I also marked this in the Mountain Man category, but it did not include much about mountain men.