Gunfighters (1947)

Gunfighters is a 1947 American Western film directed by George Waggner and starring Randolph Scott and Barbara Britton. Based on the novel Twin Sombreros by Zane Grey (the sequel of Knights of the Range) and with a screenplay by The Searchers author Alan Le May, the film is about a gunfighter who lays down his guns after being forced to shoot his best friend, and decides to become a cowhand on a ranch. The film was released in the United Kingdom as The Assassin.

Trying to put his life as a gunfighter behind him, Brazos Kane (Randolph Scott) goes off to join old pal Bob Tyrell at the Inskip ranch. As Brazos approaches the spread, he hears a gunshot and sees two people riding off. He finds his friend shot dead.

  • This is a classic western with
    • Good guys and bad guys
    • Big Ranchers versus small Ranchers
    • Several horse chases
    • Several gunfights
    • And the hero gets the girl in the end
  • The theme is a standard one – how to we civilize the west without violence.