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September 3, 2011

Business Coaching as Paid Nagging

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There is a certain school of business coaching, where the process seems to be this.

The Interview: This is where the business coach asks the client about goals, intentions, mission and all the tasks and activities to reach those goals.

The Sell: This is where the business coach says to the client  that you can meet your goals by following a process, and my process says do these first set of tasks.

The Process: The business coach talks to the client on a regular basis and nags the client about completing tasks to meet the goals.  This is supposed to motivate the client to do the tasks so the client does not get nagged.

But I do not need the process because I have people that will nag me for free.  Please do not tell any of my free naggers that they should be charging me big bucks.

February 26, 2010

Project Day

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Yesterday I did not pay attention to my email, IMs, text messages, phone calls, or voice mail.  I got up and worked on one project all day.  I did not multi-task.  I took some breaks, but they were small breaks for coffee, a stretch, and a bit of family business.  I made great strides on the project, but it seems like it will take me all day to catch up with correspondence.  I wonder if that will work as a strategy – every other day a project day.

September 2, 2009

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) cleaning

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I added a page to the website of a client (Allied Automotive and Muffler) today announcing that they do DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) cleaning.  I had no idea what Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning was, so I had to look it up.

Apparently there is another filter that needs cleaning regularly to help protect the environment.

It is always interesting what one learns by doing websites for different sorts of businesses.

July 20, 2009

Order to Cash

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The basic business process is Order-to-Cash which includes:

  • Taking customer sales orders from all the various sales channels
  • Fulfilling the order for either products or services
  • Generating an invoice
  • Collecting revenue

If you are an entrepreneur,  you will receive lots of business advice about various processes, but your Order-to-Cash process should be the basic process.

Set up the process, monitor the process, and improve the process.

October 13, 2008

Recession Business Ideas

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What sorts of businesses are recession proof?  This is a random list of trends that might happen during a recession or depression.  There are some business ideas buried in there somewhere.

Get it Free or Buy it Used or Buy it Cheap

  • Pawn shops, Thrift stores, Secondhand retail
  • Classified including online like Craigslist or eBay
  • Used Cars
  • Walmart, Target, K-mart
  • Fast Foods

Do It Yourself and Repair versus Buy

  • Auto parts companies.
  • Home Depot and Do It Yourself
  • Appliance Repair, Automobile repair

Reduce Transportation Costs

  • Bicycles
  • Mass transit
  • Online meetings (as opposed to travel) On24, Webex, Ustream, Chat Tools

Entertain yourself at home

  • TV
  • Rent a movie versus Go to a movie with Netflix and BlockBuster
  • Video Games
  • Comfort Foods


  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate
  • Internet
  • Role Play Games

Deal with the Stress

  • Meditation
  • Religion

Handle the tragedies

  • Vehicle repossession, bankruptcy lawyers, fix repossessed houses

August 4, 2008

Networking groups

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Entrepreneurs are encouraged to join networking groups.  These are the groups that meet regularly and help each other find referrals for new business.

Some for very organized and very large, like BNI – which claims to be the largest business networking organization in the world.  Rules are stringent, attendance is compulsory, participation is required.

Others are local, spontaneous, disorganized and fun.

I have had success finding business by going to business networking groups, but I resist going.  I have to sort that out.

April 17, 2008

To Do Lists

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I have been working on my to do lists.  I am exploring some new directions, and the plans have generated a number of tasks.  I also want to clear up some outstanding personal business.

Sometimes at the end of the day, I am like everyone else and wonder where the day went.  When I am working on the task list, I can go and see what tasks were completed for the day.

It also gives me the opportunity to go to the task list, select the priority task, and focus on that task.  It is always a helpful productivity technique.

February 3, 2008

Schedules, Todo Lists and Calendar

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I have been working long hours.  I have been working through the night on various projects, sleeping in early morning, and then perhaps napping in the afternoon.

I control my work with task lists on Outlook.  It is a little strange because Outlook assumes a work day for the task list.

If I work 7pm to 4am or 5am, as far as Outlook is concerned, that is two different days.  Half way through my work day, my tasks for the day all become overdue.  All of a sudden all my tasks become red on the task list.  It is not a problem, just an interesting result of working these sort of hours.

January 21, 2008


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I am rethinking the marketing that I am doing after my day at the marketing seminar. I have tweaked my marketing plan and marketing tasks. Some of it is just renaming things to get focus.

The other emphasis is to create process for various marketing efforts. A prime example is getting referrals. I am putting a process in place to ask for referrals, to follow up on those referrals, and to reward the person doing the referral in some way.

January 19, 2008


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I went to a Marketing Workshop to review my marketing.  I spent the day remembering

  • Mission Statements
  • Vision Statements
  • USP – Unique Selling Propositions
  • Elevator Speeches
  • Lead Generation
  • Tag Lines

Marketing is getting to be like physical health.  We all know what to do, it is just doing it.

January 10, 2008

New Clients

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I am actively looking for new clients.  The holiday period was slow, and worry about the economy is preventing some from moving ahead with 2008 plans.

January 31, 2007

Discrete vs. Continuous Tasks

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Discrete tasks have a beginning and an end: continuous tasks do not.

I am a discrete task person. I use a popular task list program. I add tasks, prioritize the tasks, do the tasks, and then mark the tasks complete. When confronted with a challenge, I automatically start to break it into discrete tasks. If I feel overwhelmed, I focus on the task at hand. Getting a project done is like working with one lego block at a time.

I work with people that seem to find everything a continuous task. Every task is intricately related to every other task. When a task is done, there is no recognition of a task done, just an expression of the next task that needs to be done. It feels like working with a ball of twine, with each piece pulling the next piece in and no celebration of a finished piece.

Everyone works in their own style, but it wears me out to do it the second way. There is no sense of completion. No little break after a finished task, no little celebration.

January 24, 2007

Sports Analogies

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Sports Analogies were frowned upon when I was in the corporate world. Sports were supposedly a male activity, and so sports analogies were sexist. It has been a while since I was managing in the corporate world and attending sensitivity seminars. I wonder if that is still true.

First, more and more women are playing sports and attending sports evens. Secondly, it is now sexist to say that a certain activity is defined by sex.