The Trail

A young housewife is stranded alone in the woods after a tragic accident along The Oregon Trail. Far from home, she is tested mentally, physically, and spiritually in a battle for her life. This movie is on my list because it is about the Oregon Trail. This movie has a minimal cast. There are only […]

Fighting Caravans

Fighting Caravans is a 1931 American pre-Code Western film directed by Otto Brower and David Burton and starring Gary Cooper, Lili Damita, and Ernest Torrence. Based on the 1929 novel Fighting Caravans by Zane Grey, the film is about a young frontier scout who helps guide a freight wagon train across the country, fighting off Indians and evil traders, while his two crusty companions try to save him from falling […]

Wagon Wheels

Wagon Wheels is a 1934 western film directed by Charles Barton and starring Randolph Scott and Gail Patrick. It is a remake of 1931’s Fighting Caravans, using stock footage from the original and substituting a new cast. It was based on the Zane Grey novel Fighting Caravans. This movie conveyed the myth that the biggest problem on the Oregon Trail was Indians. I watched the movie because it was […]

The Oregon Trail (1959)

The Oregon Trail is a 1959 American Color by Deluxe Western film directed by Gene Fowler Jr. and starring Fred MacMurray, William Bishop and Nina Shipman. In the midst of the Oregon boundary dispute, James K. Polk is secretly sending military agents, disguised as pioneers, west on the Oregon Trail so that they may protect American settlers in the event of war with British North America.  Rumors of this conspiracy […]

Frontier Uprising

Frontier Uprising is a 1961 American western film directed by Edward L. Cahn and starring Jim Davis and Nestor Paiva. It is a remake of Kit Carson (1940). This a remake of a movie I saw earlier. This movie even used some of the same film, especially in the battle scenes. This got on my list because it is about the Oregon Trail.

Kit Carson (1940)

Kit Carson is a 1940 Western film directed by George B. Seitz and starring Jon Hall as Kit Carson, Lynn Bari as Delores Murphy, and Dana Andrews as Captain John C. Frémont . This picture was filmed on location at Cayente (Kayenta), Arizona and was one of the early films to use Monument Valley as a backdrop. The supporting cast features Ward Bond as a character named “Ape”, future Lone Ranger Clayton Moore without his mask, and Raymond Hatton as Jim […]

Seven Alone

A frontier family crosses the U.S. by wagon train, hoping for a better life in the Oregon Territory. The Sager orphans (sometimes referred to as the Sager children) were the children of Henry and Naomi Sager. In April 1844 the Sager family took part in the great westward migration and started their journey along the Oregon Trail. During […]

The Way West

The Way West is a 1967 American western film directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and starring Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum, and Richard Widmark. The supporting cast features Lola Albright, Jack Elam, Sally Field and Stubby Kaye. The picture was based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel of the same name by A. B. Guthrie, Jr. and includes on-location cinematography by William H. Clothier. Sam Elliott made his feature film debut as an uncredited Missouri Townsman. […]

Westward Ho the Wagons!

Westward Ho the Wagons! is a 1956 American western film, produced by Walt Disney Productions. Based on Mary Jane Carr‘s novel Children of the Covered Wagon, the film was produced by Bill Walsh, directed by William Beaudine, and released to theatres on December 20, 1956 by Buena Vista Distribution Company. The film stars Fess Parker, Kathleen Crowley, Jeff York, Sebastian Cabot (in his first film role for […]

The Big Trail

The Big Trail is a 1930 American pre-Code early widescreen movie shot on location across the American West starring John Wayne in his first leading role and directed by Raoul Walsh. In 2006, the United States Library of Congress deemed this film “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”, and selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry, saying “the plot of a trek along the Oregon Trail is aided immensely […]